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Foreign Abacus Education is an organization started to teach Brain increase Programmed and Courses such as memory, Nuro-Linguistic Program (NLP) and the international concept of Mental Arithmetic System using the Abacus system of Education.


We establish quality educational programs. We traet children in our schools as children. We give them dignity because we believe in them and we aspire to give them the same opportunities as our own children. We contribute to a more peaceful world by bringing together different cultures and nationalities. We offer the hope of a better quality of life for present and future generations of Dominican children by greatly improving their educational opportunities.


Students of Foreign Abacus Education have been participating and winning awards in National and International Competition.




Foreign Abacus education is a life time skill. The program enhances creative skills self reliance, self confidence speed accuracy learning ability concentration imagination creative power and memory. The student after completing this course will be able to solve arithmetic calculation faster then calculator.

Our Vision

It is our vision that all children born in India have the opportunity to receive an education and learn to their full potential. It is our hope that our efforts can be multiplied to allow the opportunity for every child’s gift and challenges to be met with support nationwide. It is our goal to break the cycle of poverty and change peoples destinies. It is our dream that India will be a better place for the children and families of the next generation. Foreign devotes for education of universal children in exploration of the human talents by education on brain betterment on international standard.


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